PoTom's  Radio and Cellular projects page.


1)  Modifications of Realistic PRO 34/37 radio scanners for data-stream monitoring.        DONE
         for DDI pictures see also here: TvMaN's Pro 37
2)  Modifications of Realistic PRO 39/43 radio scanners for data-stream monitoring.         SOON
3)   PalmTop + handheld transceiver for radio packet connections
            Palmtop ->  SoundCard  ->  Handheld radio <-> Base Radio <- SoundCard <- Home PC
             Setup will do 9600bps  in 5-7 miles radius.
4) Autopatch (Cordless 900mhz phone with 10-20 miles range)            SOON
5)  Ctek (Cellular monitoring) software/adapter for GameBoy.
            Gameboy with software cart -> Gamelink port -> DB9/GBLink serial adapter -> Ctek kit -> OKI 900 cell phone.
6) Windows CE  Ctek Software.
7) Ctek kit itself.      DONE
     UPDATED: (Sorry, seems like HEX of pic was incorrect, now fixed.)
8) Unix Ctek Software (UCTEK).
     Source code available now
9) Online ESN Calculator
10) Motorola Copycats .

Notice:   Some of my projects could be never finished, depends on my time.
                     Some ideas or designs were not mine, dont blame me for any reverse
                engineering I did , I dont make any profit from it. Everything was done
                just to bring  the information to the end-user.

LAST UPDATED: 06/29/2000