PoTom's CTEK page.


1)  Plans:

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CTEK PLAN (page 1)CTEK PLAN (page 2)

Code For PIC microcontroller of following device available here.
ASM source code is available here.

                                Any corrections, sugestions are Welcome.
                                Somebody, please make nice professional schematics and pcboard layout, i'll put it here.

2) Software:
                        Last Network Wizards Ctek dos distribution.
                        SunOS Sparc ctek distribution.
                        Scan1c (Scanning software).
                        4712 mod programer.
                        My disasembly of dos ctek library  ( obsolete, finally NW decided to make Lib source code public).
                        NW ctek library source code.
                        UCTEK program and ctek library for Linux/Unix.   BETA
                          GameBoy and Windows CE software                     NOT SOON

      If you wanna write own stuff read CTEK Protocol FAQ

3) Where to buy Ctek:
                                 Network Wizards no longer produces Cteks.
                                                 But few people still making them.
                                                 I recommend you to buy from   MrEthos <cybertec@shore.net>
                                                 price about  $100-150.

4) Ctek Links:
                            [Dopeman]'s Digital Regime.
                            Network Wizards (creators of ctek ).