Here you can get Beta release of software to control ctek from Unix/Unix-like environment.

Source code is available to public now, My job takes all my time,
and i recongized that i have no time to work on uctek (maybe someday i'll be unemployed :) )
So use it as you wish.

IMPORTANT:            This software is BETA, There are number of bugs,
                                    and most functions not implemented or not working correctly.

(source code):               Ncurses libraries and headers correctly installed.
                                    Terminfo database(part of Ncurses)
                                    GCC C compiler.

(binary):                        Correct executable for your OS
                                     Ncurses runtime library (libncurses.so)
                                     Terminfo Database installed or linked in /usr/local/share/terminfo

Planned OS support:     Solaris x86/sparc
                                    QNX 2.x
                                    BSDI    (done)
                                    Linux x86/axp/sparc (tested x86 only)

Planned Features:        Support for other than 900 model phones
                                   Support for 4715 mod
                                   Tracking of specified MINs
                                   Walkie-Talkie function 

Beta 2 source release:
                                       Source distribution

Beta 2 binary releases:
                                     Linux x86
                                     BSDI x86 (tested with 2.1)