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Venkman is the JavaScript debugger for Mozilla based browsers, such as Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 7.x, and Phoenix/Firebird. This page contains the latest Venkman news and development releases. Please see the main Venkman page for more information, and the Venkman FAQ for answers to common questions.


Current Release...

The Current release of Venkman can be found on

Older Releases...

Click the one of the links in the install column to install Venkman using XPInstall. These XPIs WILL work in Netscape 7.x!

Note that these installs need to write to your Mozilla install directory, which means you need to have write access to this directory. If you are on a unixish system and installed your browser via your package management system, you'll need to be root.

See for Japanese localizations of Venkman and associated documentation.

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